The CACCC encourages & relies upon the teamwork of staff & volunteers in order to offer the best services possible to the surrounding community in Comal County, Texas. Volunteers contribute their unique talents, skills, & knowledge to help provide personalized attention to clients & their families. As a CACCC volunteer YOU can help us in the ongoing fight against child abuse & neglect in Comal County.

The CACCC loves its volunteers! We couldn't help kids without them. But our mission requires that we be as secure a facility as possible and limit the number of unexpected guests who visit us. We are happy to set up an appointment and give potential volunteers a tour of the center and chat about volunteer opportunities. Please be sure to call before dropping by. You can call (830) 626-2543 ext. 209 and ask to speak to Catherine Piper, the Volunteer Coordinator.


Community Involvement Specialist

Engage the community through events, presentations and trainings.

  • Attend and staff booths at community events.
  • Attend and assist with community presentations.
  • Attend and assist with prevention trainings.
  • Talk to friends and families about the CACCC
  • Help find opportunities for the CACCC to do presentations and prevention trainings.

Follow Up Care Specialist

Calling the families after the interview and checking in with them and provide information and referrals as needed.

  • Make secondary follow up phone calls to family.
  • Fill out case note and update case file and staff.
  • Call family for 3 month reassessment.
  • Fill out reassessment forms and update case file and staff.
  • Make copies of assessments, reassessments, and family surveys and update the assessment notebook.

Family Care Coordinator

To care for the families while at our center.

  • Greet family as they arrive.
  • Give family a tour of the facility.
  • Entertain children while parents fill out paperwork.
  • Prepare snacks or meals if necessary.
  • Help children choose blankets and gifts.
  • Reset playroom after family leaves.

Site Care Associate

Maintaining the appearance & cleanliness of the grounds and facilities of the CACCC to ensure that the children who come feel safe and comfortable.

  • Lawn maintenance.
  • Cleaning the building.
  • Minor maintenance & repairs to the building.

Meal Coordinator

Make sure there are food and drinks available at the center for the families, MDT and staff members during interviews.

  • Prepare meals that can be stored in the freezer.
  • Deliver prepared and donated meals to the center.
  • Stock cabinets and refrigerator with snacks, drinks & meals.
  • Pick up meals and bringing them to the center if needed for interview.
  • Check with Volunteer Coordinator to see if meals are needed.

Auxiliary Associate

Helping and supporting in all aspects and areas of the organization.

  • Administrative Assistance
  • Site Maintenance
  • Family Care Coordination
  • Follow up Care
  • Meal Coordination
  • Community Involvement
  • Anything else!

Wish List

The CACCC can always use volunteers to bring in the following items for the kids and for the team of professionals that help kids:

  • Individually wrapped goldfish crackers
  • Individually wrapped cookies
  • Individually wrapped fruit snacks
  • Fruit cups
  • Juice boxes
  • Bottled water
  • Cans of soft drinks

Please call (830) 626-2543 before dropping off any items.